Edited and Amended Improvisation

The following pieces are taken from a wider project aimed towards exploring visually – through painting, different guises and forms of musical improvisation. These particular pieces aim to represent visual equivalents of edited and amended improvisation occurring through the ‘production’ process of making a record. The original source for this project stems from the collaborations between the jazz musician Miles Davis and the producer Teo Macero with whom Davis worked on many of his albums, including the seminal works; Bitches Brew 1970 and Tribute to Jack Johnson 1971.

As a body of work, these pieces aim to replicate Macero’s manipulation of Davis’ tapes having been subjected to the processes and techniques as used by Macero. As such, the following pieces have undergone a process of editing and amendment having started out as ‘pure’ improvisations.

Source Material: amended improvisation, No.2, 2018
Source Material: amended improvisation, No.1, 2018

From top to Botton. Source material: amended improvisation, No.2, 2018. Source Material: amended improvisation, No.1, 2018

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