Collaborative Improvisation

The following pieces are from a wider body of work considering equivalents between visual and audible improvisation. However, the primary concerns of these pieces are tailored towards exploring the theme of collaborative or group improvisation.

Musical improvisation, (and jazz improvisation more generally) involves collective or collaborative improvisation: artists working together and responding to and from One another’s actions, ideas and contributions in real time in the moment. Improvisation in a visual sense, however, as practicsed by Abstract Expressionist artists such as Jackson Pollock and Willem De Kooning has traditionally been practised as a solo individual act, predominantly due to the inherent nature of the medium.

The work featured on this page is dedicated to exploring collaborative improvisation in a visual sense through a number of projects with different collaborators and practitioners. The following pieces will examine and capture details of collective improvisation and identify similarities, differences and equivalents between solo and group improvisation both in a visual and audible context.

These pieces are from a recent collaboration that took place between Adam Blackburn and fellow painter Tom Voyce. The pieces were in response to a range of themes including structure, composition, form and landscape and combined a range of techniques and process from each artists’ own practices. They were undertaken through a process of collaborative improvisation where the actions of each practitioner are carefully observed and considered along with the development of the piece as it grows and evolve.

From left to right. Collaboration AB.TV: Improvisation No.2. Collaboration AB/TV: Improvisation No.1. Collaboration AB.TV: Improvisation No.3

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