Approaches to abstraction

This body of work consist of pieces that in their un-representational style and re-interpretation of the world as I observe it leave the viewer free to interpret and to imagine.

With the inspirations for the work being found almost anywhere, textures on walls, dog walkers on the beach, or simply the response to paint itself, the overriding origin of the work is landscape and the space we inhabit around us. Through the use of my feelings and emotions I paint not the landscape as subject but landscape experience as a source. Through distancing myself from the traditional definitions and connotations of ‘landscape’, though still remaining recognisable in the space, ‘I paint the environment rather than view, and air rather than sky’. Peter Lanyon

The paintings use abstraction as an expression of subjective experience combining a physical and emotional charge through their use of colour and scale. The pieces seek to combine an interlocking of image and paint as is reflected in the methods of spreading, pouring, brushing and gesture which is employed to give the paintings a spontaneous quality and a nature that they are living, moving, and existing.

My paintings offer reflections of life and of existing. The tensions and struggles of which can be seen in the sometimes un-symmetrical and inharmonious tensions of the finished pieces. I seek to express a language of paint that can act as a transport for feeling, appealing directly to the viewers emotions.

Adam Blackburn

From left to right. Untitled # (approaches to abstraction). Untitled #3 (approaches to abstraction). Untitled #6 (approaches to abstraction. Untitled #8 (approaches to abstraction).

© Adam Blackburn 2019